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Why it matters:

Making music is a process of experimentation and self-discovery through sound. Refining that sound demands discipline, but is deeply empowering; sharing it with others requires humility and vulnerability. I expect this of myself and my students, from the studio to the stage.

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About me:

After years of struggling with performance anxiety and uncertainty of professional purpose, I decided to forgo comfortable, mainstream work opportunities for the sake of music; this decision has yielded unforeseen fruits in my professional and personal life. As a graduate student at the University of Colorado-Boulder, my trajectory has grown clearer and my goals have grown closer. Throughout my undergraduate years at Stephen F. Austin State University, in Nacogdoches, TX, I sought a greater purpose for my skills and degree plan. I discovered the simple joy of sharing with others the music that has consoled and uplifted me through every kind of uncertainty. The empathy that I experience in imparting this consolation to others is my greatest affirmation; helping my students discover that relationship with music is my foremost aim.